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A Purse of Your Own

A Purse of Your Own

An Easy Guide to Financial Security


In A Purse of Your Own, wealth coach Deborah Owens draws from more than twenty years of experience in the fi nancial services industry for a revolutionary and simple approach to investment literacy: Women can take control of their lives and purses by leveraging the feminine powers of intuition, creativity, and empathy to build personal wealth.

Filled with quizzes (Pursercises), resource guides (Pursessentials), and examples of real women from housewives to executives who have drastically changed their lives (Purseonality Profi les), A Purse of Your Own will show you how to:

Apply the 7 Wealthy Habits you MUST learn to be fi nancially secure
Buy stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and create a well-balanced portfolio on any budget
Understand the language of investing and how to manage risk
Find a good fi nancial advisor (and recognize the warning signs of a bad one)
Protect what you will build

Creating and maintaining wealth can come only from understanding how money works. Use Deborah's "Power of the Purse" wealth-building strategy and your money will work for you!
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416570813 | 
  • December 2009
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THE INCIDENT IS SAID TO HAVE OCCURRED ON Arain-soaked road near Dallas. Four older women were riding in an Impala when a vehicle sped through a red light and smashed into them, the impact sending their car spinning. Although clearly at fault, the other driver, a male, climbed out and approached with his hands thrown up, as if to say that he’d had it with women drivers. If this man hoped to intimidate these “little old ladies,” his plan backfired.

The Impala’s driver rolled down her window and when the man said something that made her feel threatened, she blasted... see more

About the Author

Deborah Owens
Photograph by P.A. Greene Photography

Deborah Owens

Deborah Owens is a 20-year veteran and former vice president in the financial services industry. She is the CEO of Owens Media Group, which creates financial empowerment content for the web, print, radio and TV.  She is a sought after speaker on the topic of financial empowerment and entrepreneurship and has toured nationally with TD Jakes Enterprises, Working Mother Media, and the NASD.  The Power of the Purse  Tour begins in 2010 with the mission of engaging, enlightening and equipping one million women to become financial empowered by forming Purseonal Support Groups.  For more information visit




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