Push Comes to Shove

Push Comes to Shove

An entertaining cautionary tale for today’s economically fraught times

The bills are due again for Greg “GP” Patterson, but this time, they won’t get paid. He and his wife are facing robbery charges after a simple assault gone bad. After a few days in jail, the Pattersons risk losing their children forever.

Luckily, Aunty Jewels bails them out, but GP must make some serious moves if he is to provide decent shelter for his family again. A visit to Squeeze, a villainous loan shark, leads to killer interest rates and a murderous default penalty. Nevertheless, GP accepts the terms.

When he gives Jewels the loan money to flip in a high stakes credit card scheme, she gets robbed for every single dime. Now GP has to figure out how to pay his debt and gain the respect of his family again, but Jewels has already figured out how to make everybody pay.
  • Strebor Books | 
  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781593093006 | 
  • November 2012

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Aaron Littlejohn


Oasis is a craft expert and certified creative writing instructor. He is the author of Duplicity, White Heat, and Push Comes to Shove and the CEO of Docuversion, a full-service editing firm. To learn more, visit him at OasisNovels.com.