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The Quotable Giuliani

The Quotable Giuliani

The Mayor of America in His Own Words

"If you've got a problem with New York City
being the capital of the world,
take it up with the Pope."

As the mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani was as controversial as he was determined to revitalize "the greatest city in the world." Never one to pull punches, he did things the way they had to be done, not the way everyone else thought they should be done.
But during the chaotic aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, Giuliani's courageous actions and bold decisiveness propelled him from his place as the leader of a city under siege to the beloved Mayor of America. On that day and for many days afterward, he stood up and spoke with strength and compassion -- and for that he will be remembered by not only New Yorkers, but all Americans.
Now, in his own words, readers can experience the wisdom, inspiration, and genuine "New Yawk" attitude that have brought Rudolph Giuliani from the tough streets of Brooklyn to the carnage of Ground Zero and into the annals of history.
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  • April 2002
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Chapter 1: The Morning of September 11

Giuliani was having breakfast at the Peninsula Hotel on Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan on the morning of September 11 when his aide Dennison Young, Jr., received the phone call that the World Trade Center had been attacked. Giuliani remembers:

* My first thought is sort of a rejection: How could this happen? Airplanes don't hit the World Trade Center. What are we talking about?

* How could anyone do this to my city?

Shortly after arriving at the disaster site, the mayor recounts the tragedy he witnessed.

* I get the first real view of the building and see... see more

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