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Rastafarian Children of Solomon

Rastafarian Children of Solomon

The Legacy of the Kebra Nagast and the Path to Peace and Understanding

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Shares the spiritual wisdom of Rastafari through the stories, teachings, and traditions of practicing Rastas in Jamaica

• Includes the author’s interviews with bush doctors, healers, and Rastafarians gathered during his 15 years of living in Jamaica

• Reveals the old ways of the Rastafarians and how their beliefs form an unbroken lineage tracing back to King Solomon

• Explains the connection of Rasta beliefs to important biblical passages

Tracing their lineage back to King Solomon--the wisest man who ever lived--Rastafarians follow a spiritual tradition of peace and meditation that is more a way of life than an organized religion. During his 15 years living in Jamaica, Gerald Hausman developed deep friendships with Rastafarians and rootsmen, enabling him to experience firsthand the beliefs and traditions of these followers of the Kebra Nagast--the African gospel excised from the King James version of the Bible. He met bush doctors, Rasta preachers, members of the Marley family, and respected elders who knew Marcus Garvey, prophet of the Rasta movement and vocal proponent of the Pan-African movement in America. He also met elders who were present when Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia and descendant of the House of David, came to Jamaica in the 1960s.

Through interviews with fishermen, mystics, and wise men, as well as direct encounters with spirits and the spiritual, the author reveals the deep wisdom that underlies the “old ways” of the Rastas. He connects their stories, lives, and teachings with important biblical passages as well as reggae songs. He shares their views on the medicinal and meditative powers of cannabis--the sacred herb of Solomon--and explains that while Rastas believe it to be “the opener of the door,” they maintain that peace and understanding must be found within. Illustrating the unwavering faith and hope of the Rastafari of Jamaica, Hausman shows them to be a people who, above all, emphasize equality, because the Holy Spirit within each of us makes us all one and the same.
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  • February 2013
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Chapter 1

The Jamaican brethren sit around a table late at night, drinking in the cool trade wind that was once known as the “undertaker’s breeze,” because it combed the island only after dark. It is a great relief from the hot sun and hard work of the day. The gathering of Rastas, casual and unplanned, people coming and going in the yard, is the way of most evenings here in the small fishing village of Port Maria on the north coast of Jamaica.

People come and go, stopping for a short while to let go of a few frustrations, tell a tale or two, laugh and smoke a spliff, sip a warm beer under the waning... see more

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