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Real Love, Right Now

Real Love, Right Now

A Celebrity Love Architect's Thirty-Day Blueprint for Finding Your Soul Mate--and So Much More!

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Real love is out there . . .

Kailen Rosenberg will help you find it. From the costar of the groundbreaking series Lovetown, USA on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, this is an encouraging, inspiring book to help you get past the things holding you back from finding real, authentic love. Kailen starts with a physical, mental, and emotional self-appraisal, which asks you to examine the things you don’t want to admit are holding you back, and helps you discover what you need to work on to have the best shot at finding a soul mate and creating a fuller, more rewarding love life. She then lays out a fail-proof, step-by-step thirty-day plan that will lead you to love when you have made yourself love-ready.

Kailen has an inspiring personal story; she is living proof that love and faith can overcome any kind of challenge. Her methods are proactive, with unique exercises such as self-appraisals and love shopping, but they’re rooted in a spiritual understanding of love, which she sees as our highest calling. This book will help you put bad dating habits aside so you can figure out what really matters and find the partner who is right for you. Full of exercises and practical tips, this is a guidebook for people who are serious about finding real love, right now.
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  • Howard Books | 
  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781476727967 | 
  • September 2013
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Real Love, Right Now: A Thirty-Day Blueprint for Finding Your Soul Mate – and So Much More! CHAPTER ONE My Life’s Journey
I HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN that my purpose in life was to learn and to teach others about love—what it is, how to experience it, and, most important, how to share it. I’ve had a unique life so far that has allowed me the opportunity and ability, through continued trials, wounds, failures, and successes, to help make a difference in the lives of others. Every experience that... see more



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