Recovery Of Your Self-Esteem

Recovery Of Your Self-Esteem

A Guide For Women

With warmth and encouragement, along with her original ten-step process, Carolynn Hillman puts self-esteem and the accomplishments and real satisfaction it engenders within the reach of every woman. Her straightforward approach to conquering feelings of inadequacy and self-defeating behavior include:
* Practicing six key ways of nurturing yourself
* Recognizing and appreciating your good points
* Silencing the inner-critic -- and heeding the inner-child
* Breaking the self-imposed failure cycle
* Overcoming external obstacles that limit your progress
Recovery of Your Self-Esteem supports readers with participatory exercises and inspiring examples that confirm feelings of increased self-respect and achievement. It offers invaluable advice and understanding that will pave the way toward feeling better more of the time.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 304 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671738136 | 
  • June 1992
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Chapter 1

Being There for Yourself

Marcy was laid off from work. After a month of fruitless job-hunting, she feels like a nothing and a nobody.

Nancy's three children are late getting off to school, despite her waking them on time, continually urging them to hurry, and finally yelling at them. After they leave she sits with her head in her hands, feeling like a nag, a screaming meanie, and an inadequate mother.

Linda gets up her courage and phones the man she met at last week's singles party. He says he is too busy preparing a case for trial to make any plans at this time. She hangs up and feels... see more

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