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The purr-fect guide to staying mentally and physically healthy and vital from the legendary star who defines longevity.
From her hit songs in the 1950s and television stardom as Catwoman on Batman in the 1960s to her sold-out shows at New York's Café Carlyle in the 1990s, her Tony-nominated role on Broadway in 1999, and her hilarious performance as Yzma, the villainess in Disney's The Emperor's New Groove in 2000, Eartha Kitt is one of America's most versatile and enduring performers. Now, at seventy-four and still going strong, Kitt reveals her secrets of vitality in Rejuvenate!, an elegant and inspiring book.
Seductive, provocative, amusing, and calming, she combines the lessons of her life -- from a difficult childhood in the South and in Harlem to the joys and challenges of her life in the public eye -- to offer this wise window into her incredible mental and physical vigor and an open invitation to the joys of aging in style.
Rejuvenate! is a simple, user-friendly guide that doesn't require a gym, a personal trainer, or even exercise equipment. Each of the nine chapters, with titles such as "Bend," "Stretch," and "Rock-and-Roll," features one basic exercise for the body with easy-to-follow instructions and an entertaining, inspiring message for the mind.
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  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743216104 | 
  • January 2002
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Chapter One: Breathe

Breathe in through the nose, pushing the breath as far as you can into the lower regions of the body.

For as long as you can, hold...hold...hold....Slowly, exhale through the mouth until your stomach is completely deflated. Repeat twice (or as many times as you can). Take time out throughout your day for some deep breathing. (Let it be your coffee break.)

When we breathe thoroughly, we allow the organs their fulfillment of oxygen, which needs to go all through the body to give it strength, to bring up poisons, toxins -- to cleanse (and burn off a bit of fat in the process). According to Asian sages,...
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Introduction: Warm Up

When the year 2000 commenced, I was seventy-two years old and had quite a lot on my plate. I played to sold-out crowds at Manhattan's Café Carlyle through mid-February (two shows a night, six days a week). Rehearsals for The Wild Party began in January (six days a week -- long hours), with the show in previews in March and fully up and running in mid-April (six evenings a week plus Wednesday and Saturday matinees). I also had the goal of completing this book by May Day, 2000. In between, there were out-of-town appearances -- here a day in Charleston, South Carolina, there a day in Savannah, Georgia, et... see more

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