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Resurrecting Mingus

Resurrecting Mingus

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  • Free Press | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671787813 | 
  • February 2002
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Chapter 1

June 3

He left her for a black woman. Eva called first thing Saturday morning to make sure I heard it from her first. Punk Ass Nigga.

She lay on the couch, butt cheeks wedged between cracked leather cushions, knees pressed into her swollen breasts. It was this position she hated most -- being twisted into a pretzel by 4:00 A.M. sweats and contractions riding each other piggyback across her abdomen.

With the windows shut, the room held the musty scent of unstirred air. The smell nauseated her. Mingus swallowed the acid in the back of her throat and made her way down the unlit hall to the bathroom. A... see more

Reading Group Guide

Reading Group Guide

Resurrecting Mingus by Jenoyne Adams
0-684-87352-4; $24.00; The Free Press

Through the voices of three complex characters--a white woman who has devoted her entire adult life to raising a black family; the black man who leaves her, after thirty-five years of marriage, for a younger black woman; and Mingus, their outwardly successful daughter who is caught between them-- Adams tells a story of love, sacrifice, torn loyalties, and gnawing regrets.
A driven lawyer about to turn thirty, Mingus has always been a Daddy's girl, and more comfortable with being black than white. She vows to date black men only, but can't seem to connect with one who wants to settle down. When her father betrays her trust, and her mother confides her greatest fear--that she is being rejected for a black woman--Mingus begins to re-examine her roots. She takes a chance and dates a white man. Then she meets the black man of her dreams--handsome, confident, and eager to start a family. Eric rips through her protective defenses and exposes her need to be loved. But when word gets around that Eric has his secrets as well, Mingus is forced to choose between the man she loves and the truth. After facing a long string of heartaches and betrayals, Mingus finally realizes who she is, what she wants, and how she doesn't need another man to get it.
Dancer, poet, and novelist Jenoyne Adams tells the story of the pain of unraveling see more

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