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Right Plant, Right Place

Right Plant, Right Place

Over 1400 Plants for Every Situation in the Garden

The Indispensable Guide to the Successful Garden. Now comprehensively revised and updated: over 40% of plants are NEW entries; all photographs are NEW; includes more detailed and NEW information -- USDA hardiness zones, additional plants of interest, etc; and two completely NEW chapters.

You will find more than 1,470 plants organized by:

Plants that will grow in:

Shallow soils over chalk
Acid soils
Heavy clay soils
Polluted atmosphere
Windswept, seaside sites
Dry soils in hot, sunny sites
Damp and wet soils
Dry shade
Dense shade

Plants that can be used for:

Fillers for crevices in paving
Growing in containers (trees, shrubs and climbers)

Plants with:

Variegated leaves
Gray, blue-gray or silver leaves
Red, purple or bronze leaves
Yellow or yellow-green leaves
Decorative, green foliage
Colourful autumn foliage
Aromatic leaves
Ornamental fruit
Ornamental bark and twigs
Flowers suitable for cutting and drying
Fragrant flowers
Winter flowers
Green flowers
'Black' plants
A long, continuous flowering period

Each plant is illustrated with a full color photograph and accompanied by a detailed description of its size, flowering season, needs and care.

Right Plant, Right Place compresses a shelf full of reference books and a pile of seed catalogs into a single comprehensive guide to plant selection.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 368 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451604054 | 
  • June 2010
List Price $19.99
Available on or around June 15, 2010

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Chapter 1

Plants suitable for shallow soils over chalk

Gardeners with very alkaline or limy -- as opposed to acid -- soils have to contend with the unsuitability of their soils for growing rhododendrons, camellias, most heathers and a considerable number of other plants. Gardeners with shallow soils over chalk have to deal with the additional problem of excessively free drainage. With this second type of soil many of the plants so beguilingly described as 'revelling in lime' would, in fact, be inappropriate choices; these plants enjoy the fertility of an alkaline soil, but not all of them appreciate the dryness of one... see more

About the Author

Nicola Ferguson

Nicola Ferguson was born in 1949 and brought up in Northern Ireland. She went to Edinburgh University where she obtained a PhD in psychology. She has gardened in her north-facing Edinburgh garden for 30 years and has been writing about and photographing plants for over 20 years. She has three adult children.




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