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The Ring of McAllister

The Ring of McAllister

A Score-Raising Mystery Featuring 1,000 Must-Know SAT Vocabulary Words

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The Ring of McAllister features:

* Over 1,000 frequently seen SAT words in an engaging novel format
* Each word defined at the bottom of each page

* Glossary of SAT words at the back
* Sample exercises to show students how vocabulary is tested on the SAT
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  • Kaplan Publishing | 
  • 352 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781419542213 | 
  • February 2007
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Chapter One

"Pencils down."

At first, the words didn't register. Will was staring at the scar on his arm, now a glossy shade of peach, his mind too immersed in degrees, cosines, and algorithms to hear. How could Mrs. O'Leary end 10 months of mathematical torment with such a laconic request?

"Pencils down, Mr. Lassiter!"

Her command jolted Will out of his stupor. He put down the pencil, and the world around him gradually came alive. Other students shifted in their seats. Papers rustled. Passing his test booklet to the girl in front of him, Will massaged his throbbing hand and then surveyed the room.... see more



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