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Rituals and Practices with the Motherpeace Tarot

Rituals and Practices with the Motherpeace Tarot

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A spiritual guidance system with rituals to tap into and manifest feminine divine energy through the Motherpeace deck

• Contains over 20 rituals, exercises, and readings that integrate tarot with spiritual practice, rites, and celebrations

• Demonstrates how Motherpeace cards may be used to improve health, relationships, and personal insight; celebrate holidays; and commune with the divine forces of the universe

• By the cocreator of the Motherpeace deck (more than 200,000 copies sold)

First printed during the crest of the women’s spirituality movement, the Motherpeace deck created a sensation as a multicultural tarot designed specifically for women. Depicting people of color, older women, children, animals, and balanced roles for men and women, the Motherpeace deck embraces images from ancient cultures and contemporary tribal peoples to convey the fundamental principles of cooperation, relatedness, egalitarianism, and ecstatic communion. Rituals and Practices with the Motherpeace Tarot offers a deep spiritual practice that taps into and manifests the divine feminine through ritual readings, rites of passage, daily meditative practice, and seasonal celebration. Vicki Noble teaches how to use the imagery of the Motherpeace deck to read the past, present, and future; invoke good health on all planes; nurture healthy relationships; receive divine guidance during critical decision-making; and celebrate sacred holidays. Her book is a useful tool for both beginners and those with extensive knowledge of tarot.
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  • Bear & Company | 
  • 208 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781591430087 | 
  • February 2003
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Rituals and Practices with the Motherpeace Tarot

Chapter 3
Shifting With Fate
(Major Arcana)
In the last chapter 1 discussed the difference between fate and free will and offered a reading layout for learning how to find a balance between the two. In this chapter I will go more deeply into the Major Arcana cards themselves and make suggestions on how you might handle the powerful influx of fateful forces and energies into your life. We are at a notable disadvantage in the West in regard to the so-called big energies because we cling to a rigid sense of our personal identities and our beliefs about the world. Historically... see more

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