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Ruminations on Twentysomething Life

In this sidesplitting follow-up to his smash hit, Ruminations on College Life, Aaron Karo takes readers on another outrageous journey -- this time through his early twenties. With hilarious anecdotes and irreverent observations, Karo captures the twentysomething experience like never before and answers the question, "Is there life after college?"
Featuring the very best of his world-renowned email column as well as brand-new material published here for the first time, Ruminations on Twentysomething Life details Karo's evolution from frat boy to manhood and explores the frenzied lives of a generation living in the strange and unique gap between college and marriage. With his trademark acerbic wit, Karo ruminates on everything from your first day on the job to the last call at the bar.
Perfect for students about to get their first dose of reality, twentysomethings procrastinating at work, or anyone who wants to relive their glory days, this book is sure to have readers laughing out loud and nodding their heads in agreement that there is indeed life after college.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 224 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743269636 | 
  • May 2005
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Introduction: welcome to twentysomething life

In a nutshell, being twentysomething means you are only concerned with two things: trying to get laid and trying not to get laid off. It also means that, for a while, birthdays become much less important. Shortly after I turned twenty-four, I realized what a meaningless milestone it was. After all, turning nineteen is a big deal because it's your last year as a teenager and your twentieth birthday is important because it's the beginning of your twenties. And at twenty-one, you are, at long last, legal. But from twenty-two to twenty-four, not much happens. Once you get past your "I wish I was... see more

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Aaron Karo
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Aaron Karo

Aaron Karo, author of Ruminations on College Life, has worked on Wall Street and as a comedian. Guess which one he prefers. Visit him in New York City or online at




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