Salty Like Blood

Salty Like Blood

A Novel

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David Conners, M.D., is on the fast track to creating a perfect life when his seven-year-old daughter disappears. David's all-consuming quest to find her -- dead or alive -- threatens to destroy everything he has left: his medical practice, his marriage, his integrity, and even his soul.

If Rachel is dead: Can a parent forgive someone who has done the unthinkable?

Can David forgive himself?

If she's alive: Can David find her in time to save her?
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  • Howard Books | 
  • 352 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416577898 | 
  • March 2009
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Salty Like Blood

Salty Like Blood

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About the Author

· I don’t just write about medicine and surgery. I am a practicing surgeon and draw the medical landscape with true colors from my experiences.

· I grew up in Eastern Virginia on a finger-river of the Chesapeake Bay, so when I write a salty tale, I draw from my days fishing and crabbing in the salt water of Virginia.

· I spent four years serving as a surgeon in Kenya, where I worked with the Somali people. This inspired me to include a Somali character in this novel.

· This novel was entirely crafted while I worked in Africa in a village hospital. The finale was written while I was on a medical outreach in northern Somalia. Working in Africa wasn’t a “have-to.” It was a “get-to.” The experiences my family had there have enriched our lives beyond what we could have ever given.

About The Book

· How did you come up with the concept for this story? I was initially intrigued with the idea of whether a parent could forgive a man for abducting/killing his or her child. I envisioned a scene where the parent and the perpetrator of this horrible crime could meet face to face. What would they say to each other? Would it be possible for a parent to forgive?

· Forgiveness is such a challenging issue. Do you think it’s possible for a parent to forgive the impossible? Not only possible, but necessary. Remember, until we forgive, we ar see more

About the Author

Harry Kraus
Photograph provided by author

Harry Kraus

Best-selling author Harry Kraus, MD, is a board-certified surgeon whose contemporary fiction (beginning with 1994’s Stainless Steal Hearts and including his 2001 best-seller Could I Have This Dance?) is characterized by medical realism. He practices surgery in Virginia and formerly in Kenya where he served as a missionary surgeon. He's also the author of two works of nonfiction.


Author Revealed

Harry Kraus
Q. how did you come to write Salty Like Blood?

A. I wanted to write a book about testing the limits of human forgiveness.

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