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Secret Whispers

Secret Whispers

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Samantha is in her last year of high school at a very exclusive all-girls school in upstate New York. It has been four years since she gave birth to her daughter and since the death of her sister, Cassie.

One day, Samantha’s roommate, Ellie, convinces her to attend a fraternity party. There Samantha meets a handsome young man named Ethan. The two develop a romantic relationship, but Samantha’s memories of her rape prevent her from consummating their union, and she confesses to Ethan that she has a daughter.

He is surprised, but promises to attend her graduation and meet her father and uncle. But when Ethan brings her back, Samantha discovers a wild party going on in her room, and her girlfriends, including her roommate, Ellie, mock Samantha. Thinking she’s also lost Ethan, Samantha walks out, unaware that circumstances will soon culminate in a shocking series of events—including madness, betrayal, and murder.
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  • Pocket Star | 
  • 432 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439154977 | 
  • February 2010
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ā€œSEMANTHA! WHAT THE hell are you doing on the floor?ā€ my dorm roommate, Ellie Patton, asked. She stood in our bathroom doorway with her hands on her hips, gaping at me with her black pearl eyes so enlarged that she resembled someone with serious thyroid problems. I realized she must have been standing there for a while calling to me and was getting upset at my not responding.

I was surprised she was up so... see more

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