Seeds of Doubt

Seeds of Doubt

A Crime Novel

Rachel Boyd was just a child when she was found guilty of killing her little playmate, Freddie Gant. Now, after thirty years in reform school and adult prison, she is finally free...until another young boy is found dead in Denver -- and Rachel seems to be the likely suspect.
Enter criminal attorney Jackie Flowers. Convicted child killers are not her favorite clients. Still, everyone deserves a good defense. Question is: Can Jackie trust Rachel enough to stay in her home while they prepare their case? And what about Jackie's own personal demons -- her dyslexia, her ex-lover and civil litigator Dennis Ross, her paralyzing fear of heights? Is she fit to handle the pressures of a high-profile trial? Will her past come back to haunt her? Or worse: Will Rachel's?
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  • 384 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416587514 | 
  • November 2007
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Chapter One

"You were the chief investigator at the scene of the accident?"

Seated at the defense table, Jackie Flowers kept her voice low. Courtroom 12 was as tight as a shoe box and the jurors were so close they could have heard Assistant District Attorney Tom Tuttle break wind.


Tuttle sprang to his feet and two jurors winced.

"This is a manslaughter case," Tuttle said, oblivious to the judge's pained expression as his words echoed in the airless room. The walnut slats covering the wall behind the bench made Jackie feel as if she were trapped inside a pipe organ. "'Accident' is... see more

About the Author

Stephanie Kane
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Stephanie Kane

Stephanie Kane, born and raised in Brooklyn, has clerked for the Colorado Supreme Court and been both a partner in a top Denver law firm and a criminal defense attorney. The author of Extreme Indifference, Quiet Time, and Blind Spot, she is married to a federal judge and lives in Denver, Colorado. Visit her website at




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