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How to Seduce, Stimulate, and Satisfy Any Sign

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Looking for the heavenly body of your dreams?

Have you ever longed to get a chatty Gemini to stop talking and start kissing? Do you wish you could lure that shy Cancer out of his shell and into your bedroom? What's the best way to coax a fun-loving Sagittarius into getting serious between the sheets? Wonder no more -- Sexscopes reveals the secrets to seducing the object of your desire based simply on his or her astrological sign, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
Sexscopes exposes each sign's sexual proclivities and pet peeves, providing tips and tricks for attracting a particular sun sign. For instance, did you know that Virgos are turned on by class, while Taureans get excited by cash? That Capricorns like to dominate, while Pisceans love to be possessed? That Scorpios get off on giving orgasms, while Arians prefer to get them? The sexual landscape of every sign is explicitly explored in tantalizing detail, including:

  • Pick-up lines that actually work
  • Erogenous zones, and how to work them
  • Compatibility ratings between each sign, in and out of bed
  • Favorite sexual positions, sex toys, flavors -- and more!
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  • 224 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743203005 | 
  • May 2001
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Chapter One

Why I Wrote This Book and How to Use It

When my fascination with astrology began, it blew my mind how on target the info it provided was. It was like I'd suddenly been handed a psychological road map explaining the motivation that drove my enemies, friends, and family. Within months, I realized why a certain Sagittarius in my life saw fooling around behind his spouse's back as A-OK and why an Aquarian bud was great at giving advice but when it came to putting her words into action, well, that was a totally different story.

Fast forward a few years and I got my first job writing astrolgy advice at Bolt, a... see more



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