Sexy at Any Size

Sexy at Any Size

The Real Woman's Guide To Dating and Romance

Sexy Is as Sexy Does...
Bigger is definitely better, as Katie Arons -- one of the fifty million American women who wear a size 12 or larger, and a world-famous Ford model -- knows. Without a single word about losing weight, Arons offers the encouragement, confidence, and techniques needed to attract smart, good-looking, and successful men. Here, readers of all sizes will welcome the way Katie defies the expectations of a society obsessed with thinness and offers up tried-and-true advice on:
* How to accept yourself as you are
* Where to go, what to say, and how to find the "right" type of man
* The best cities where real women are truly appreciated
* Alternative ways to meet men -- personal ads, the Internet, invitation-only parties (and how to get invited!)
* Style tips: makeup, hair, and clothing
* "How to make love to a man big time"
* Plus lots more!
And Katie has put together the ultimate resource guide to organizations, clubs, books and other publications, and on-line support groups. You name it -- if it's out there, Katie's found it. When it comes to love, the bigger the better!
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 176 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684854151 | 
  • February 1999
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I grew up hiding two major secrets. These secrets were the keys to my personality, and they controlled my every move. They are also responsible for why I decided to write this book.
The first secret: I was (and continue to be) absolutely boy crazy. Why was that a secret? Because -- early on, at least -- I found it worked better for me. My parents were both forty-something when I was born, and though I've always been close to my mom, we are from different generations, and boys and sex were subjects we didn't discuss much. As for my father, bless his heart, I think he... see more

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