Shaman, M.D.

Shaman, M.D.

A Plastic Surgeon's Remarkable Journey into the World of Shapeshifting

A highly successful plastic surgeon embraces shamanic healing techniques and helps her patients experience true beauty and ecstasy.

• The author has been featured by Healthy Living magazine as one of the top 19 holistic healers for the millennium.

• Shows readers how to embody the spiritual within the physical to shapeshift their lives on all levels.

• Both an exceptional  personal journey and an extraordinary exploration of the nature of real healing.

As a dual board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and the first non-Quechua woman to be initiated into the Circle of Yachaks (bird-people shamans of the Andes), Dr. Eve Bruce sees herself as an agent of change in both worlds. 

After traveling to Central and South America to study indigenous healing techniques, Bruce realized that although our culture is obsessed with narrowly defined standards of physical beauty, we actually devalue the physical because we separate it from the spiritual. She saw that her plastic surgery patients who felt ashamed of their "vanity" had the least successful outcomes. Those ready for change on emotional and spiritual levels were able to use the physical "shapeshift" provided by the surgeon's knife to transform their entire lives. By integrating the two healing modalities of surgeon and shaman, Bruce is able to help people shapeshift into newfound health on all levels--physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Because she bore her first child at sixteen, rose to the challenges of single motherhood, and worked her way through medical school, Bruce learned early to redirect the flow of her life, turning apparent obstacles into opportunities. As a powerful example of the human capacity for self-transformation, Bruce is uniquely qualified to inspire readers to redirect their own lives to places of beauty and self-acceptance. 
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  • January 2002
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From Chapter 1

We were high in the Andes and the night air was chilly, yet I was burning up with fever. I lay with my hot cheek against the stone-cold brick floor. There were books and blackboards around the edges of the room, and branches, herbs, stones, and water by the fire burning in the center--but I took none of this in at the time. I only knew that I needed help, and I somehow knew that the shaman was the one to help me.

After a time he began his healings. "Who wants to be first?" I heard Juan translate to the group. Despite my illness, my hand flew up with such determination that I astounded myself. I seemed to be led by an... see more

About the Author

Eve Bruce

Eve Bruce has a plastic surgery practice in Maryland. She also performs shamanic healings, gives workshops on shamanic techniques, and leads shamanic study tours for the Dream Change Coalition to places as far flung as Ecuador, Tibet, and South Africa.




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