The Shape-Shifter's Curse

The Shape-Shifter's Curse

(Book #2 of Magic Repair Shop)
For Ages: 8 - 12
Mr. McGuire takes Maggie, Raphael, Fiona, and Hasenpfeffer to Scotland to meet one of his oldest friends, Sir Roderick Lachlan, who will conduct Maggie’s World Federation of Magic testing. Also at the estate are smarmy young house guest—Munro Wallace Shaw, his mentor—Lord Gilroy Innis, Sir Lachlan’s wife, Lyra, a depressed selkie who endlessly searches the castle for her hidden seal skin so she can escape back to the sea, and their daughter Rhona—a troubled child at odds with her selkie heritage. When a panther attacks their host, Maggie and friends must figure out who conjured the creature up and why. Add a sneaky black cat, Maggie and Fiona’s troublesome attraction to Munro, and Raphael’s jealousy to the mix, and the next victim might very well be Maggie.
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  • Aladdin | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416990345 | 
  • November 2010 | 
  • Grades 3 - 7 | 
  • Lexile 750L
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Defying Gravity

As soon as Gram left the apartment Sunday morning to work at the food pantry, I raced to my room and slipped on my shoes. After everything that had happened in the last week, Gram had decided the magic repair shop was too dangerous and I was forbidden to go there. But I knew I couldn’t stay away. I had to get Mr. McGuire to convince Gram to let me work there.

That’s not to say I didn’t understand why Gram didn’t want me to go down to the shop anymore. I’d been in Connecticut for less than a week and already I’d already been attacked by a lion and kidnapped by a... see more

About the Author

Amanda Marrone
Photograph by Patrick Collins

Amanda Marrone

Amanda Marrone grew up on Long Island where she spent her time reading, drawing, watching insects, and suffering from an overactive imagination. She earned a BA in education at SUNY Cortland and taught fifth and sixth grade in New Hampshire. She now lives in Connecticut with her husband, Joe, and their two kids.




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