Shooting Monarchs

Shooting Monarchs

For Ages: 14 and up
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Macy grew up unwanted, unloved, and alone. By his teens he had quit school and begun stealing. In and out of juvie, Macy is a shoplifter, a car thief, and, by age eighteen, a murderer.

Danny grew up physically disabled, raised by his grandmother, and a loner. Now sixteen, he finds solace in taking photographs, particularly of monarch butterflies, and thinking about Leah, the most beautiful girl in town.

It is Leah who unwittingly causes these two very different boys, who share some startling similarities, to meet in a first and final terrifying encounter.

The outcome of this hard-hitting and spellbinding novel from an exciting new author will rivet readers and leave them thinking about nature, nurture, justice, and the remarkable power of human kindness.
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  • Margaret K. McElderry Books | 
  • 144 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416955597 | 
  • May 2007 | 
  • Grades 8 and up
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Chapter 1: A Thanksgiving Turkey

He was born during the Thanksgiving Day parade. His mother didn't want to miss seeing the big balloons, so she made the nurse haul a TV into the delivery room. While the boy entered the world, his mother stared at a gigantic inflated Snoopy bobbing across the TV screen.

"It's like a miracle," she exclaimed. The doctor and nurse just shook their heads, seeing she meant the balloon, not the baby.

"What name should we put on the birth certificate?" the nurse asked.

The mother continued looking at the TV and said, "Macys."

The nurse glanced at the TV and asked, "You mean you want to... see more

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