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Shootout in Dodge City

Shootout in Dodge City

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Joseph and Liam Carrigan may have the same strong Irish blood running in their veins, but the similarity ends there. Where Joseph is level-headed and forthright, Liam is temperamental and roguish. After fighting on opposing sides in the Civil War, they reunite to head west in search of a better life and an enigmatic, long-lost uncle who disappeared years earlier.
But their journey will not be an easy one. Not only must they contend with the dangers of both man and nature on the untamed frontier, but also with the never-ending sibling rivalry that once tore them apart -- and a menacing, shadowy figure who's on their trail, marking the Carrigan brothers' every move, waiting for the moment to strike....
From Cameron Judd, the Spur Award­nominated author of The Overmountain Men and Crockett of Tennessee, comes a new series steeped in the traditions of the Old West: courage, honor, and nonstop adventure.
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  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743458139 | 
  • April 2003
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Chapter One

Abilene, Kansas

A pair of gaudy red shutters hung on spring hinges served in place of the customary bat-wing half doors in the entrance of the Trail's End Saloon. From the boardwalk, Joseph Carrigan peered across the shutter tops into the crowded room beyond. What passed for music blew out against his face like a foul wind: An untuned piano with tacks on its hammers was assaulting a dance tune while a drunken Mexican man with a battered and equally untuned guitar struggled to keep pace.

Joseph shook his head. Terrible, how the unsophisticates of the human race abused the divine gift of music. It was first... see more

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