Simple Buddhism

A Guide to Enlightened Living

Simple Buddhism

(Part of Simple Series)
Exploring a new religion is no easy task. That's why the Simple series is so popular-these delightful books take readers by the hand and lead them into the basics of an Eastern faith without intimidation or confusion. Simple Buddhism, invites readers to discover this appealing religion and its peaceful doctrines, as well as:
  • The history of Buddhism
  • The themes of Buddhism (The Four Noble Truths, The Eightfold Path, Nirvana, and Nirvana, and more)
  • How to apply Buddhism in your everyday life
  • The ultimate thesis of Buddhism: to live in the moment, see things as they truly are, and recognize yourself as part of the whole.
  • Tuttle Publishing | 
  • 144 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780804831765 | 
  • September 2000

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