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Sins of a Siren

Sins of a Siren

A Novel

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An erotic suspense story as a young woman navigates the criminal underworld despite her own moral conflicts.

She ran away from home as a teen to escape her overprotective and heavily religious family, but now Trenda Fuqua finds herself seduced by the very life she was warned against. Drug running, theft, and murder are part of the world she lands in, and soon Trenda is on the run for her life.

Complicating matters is Darius Kain, a rogue cop, who is also after her. Trenda has some critical information that could end not only his career, but his life, and Kain will stop at nothing to silence her. Suddenly far away from the safe haven of her family and everything she once knew, Trenda needs to find her way back…and fast. A masterful blend of thrills, action and erotic elements, Sins of a Siren is sure to keep readers flipping the pages.
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  • Strebor Books | 
  • 384 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781593093334 | 
  • October 2011
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“Mmmmmm, Trenda! Don’t stop! Suck that muthafucka!” Darius yelled as he ejaculated.

Trenda Fuqua, the sultry, short, thick, beige-colored woman wiped cum off her chin, cheek and neck. “I told you to tell me before you nut; I damn near got some in my mouth!” She stood, snatched the long blonde wig off her head and threw it in his face. “You know I don’t drink babies.” She then glared at him and thought, not yours, anyway.

Darius reeled his dick in and zipped up his pants. “It ain’t gonna hurt you to swallow every now... see more

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A fast-paced thriller from the author of Sins of a Siren finds a young woman fighting for her life as she struggles to avoid her criminal past. After running away from home as a teen, seeking to escape her overprotective and heavily religious family, Trenda Fuqua is seduced by street life. Drug running, theft, and murder are part of the world she lands in. However, the religious teachings she grew up with are hard to shake off. Although she ended up in jail, Trenda manages to find peace within...
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