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Sketchy Santas

Sketchy Santas

A Lighter Look at the Darker Side of St. Nick

Ho, ho, huh?

Who’s that excessively jolly fellow with the fake beard, shifty eyes, sweaty hands, and boozy breath? Why, it’s not just Santa but sketchy Santa! Yes, ’tis the season for awkward photos of small children posed precariously on the laps of some of the most clownish, irritable, and just plain weird-looking Santa wannabes—guys you’d give a wide berth to if you passed them on the street.

Inside this painfully hilarious collection of holiday photos, you’ll discover the pop culture history of the sketchy Santa, and how to identify sketchy Santas in shopping malls everywhere . . . making this the perfect gift for anyone who understands that "He sees you when you’re sleeping" is a deeply disturbing thought.
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  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439197615 | 
  • November 2010
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It seems that Santa may be losing control of his “personal brand.” Every December there are news stories about Santa Claus robbing a bank, getting a DUI, or violating his probation. Even worse, convicted sex offenders are sometimes found out and fired from their jobs as mall Santas. Many cities around the world host annual Santa pub crawls, where inebriated hoards dressed in red suits gather to engage in various shenanigans.

I even googled “Santa Claus Porn”—you know, just to see how deep the depravity runs—and was amazed to find more than 800,000 results. I spent hours... see more

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