Slave Masters

Slave Masters

(Book #2 of Slave Trade Trilogy)
Only a few years earlier, Rose Rico of Earth had no idea that her planet's government was secretly selling human beings to the alien Alphas in exchange for advanced alien technology. Then Rose found herself, along with hundreds of other human captives, bound for the far reaches of space, and compelled to cater to the depraved desires of her new alien masters.
Rose broke her chains, freed some of her fellow captives and stole a spaceship of her own. Now they are wanted fugitives, and the galaxy is heating up for Rose and for her renegade band of former pleasure slaves.
As her companions flee from the Alphas, Rose plots a one-woman strike against her former masters. Recaptured, tortured, and once again forced to serve as a pleasure slave, Rose escapes to rejoin her crew and battle the Alphas -- to free Earth from their domination!
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  • Pocket Books | 
  • 368 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743480383 | 
  • January 2004
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Chapter One

Heloga Alpha flicked her finger at two of the male slaves and one of the females. "Those three are not acceptable. I want superior replacements immediately."

The slave handler cringed and apologized profusely. "I am most sorry to have displeased you with our stock, Heloga Alpha. The senior handler personally chose these exceptional Solians to satisfy your -- "

"Take them away." Heloga leaned forward and delicately sniffed the air in front of the female slave. "How dare you supply me with a slave that has body odor? And it's been sterilized by my staff! It must be something you fed it."

The Gamma handler was... see more

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