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Smarter Than You Think

Smarter Than You Think

A Revolutionary Approach to Teaching and Understanding Your Dog in Just a Few Hours

Imagine a dog who listens to you, comes to you, follows you, and looks to you for guidance. This ideal relationship is possible with the techniques of veteran trainer Paul Loeb. His revolutionary philosophy is simple: your dog can learn more -- and more quickly -- if information is delivered properly. Loeb's groundbreaking theories and humane, holistic teaching style will get visible results in approximately three hours. Not only will you find step-by-step methods to teach housebreaking, paper training, and the basic commands, but you'll also discover:
  • Why one-word commands, including "No," are ineffective
  • Why food rewards and choke chains are not good training tools
  • Why teaching your dog to come to you is essential -- and teaching your dog to sit is not
  • How to adapt your dog's behavior to your lifestyle -- whether you need your dog to walk without a leash, ride politely in a car, remain on your property...or do just about anything else you can imagine!

Now you can have the well-behaved dog you've always wanted -- and your dog will have an owner who understands his or her language.
With Smarter Than You Think, you and your dog can share the special bond of true understanding. 
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 272 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671023287 | 
  • August 1998
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from Chapter 2: The Magic Touch

The Old Way

For many years, I followed the long line principle. I put a six-foot cotton training lead on the dog and pulled him and called him and pulled him and called him, until I felt he understood what I wanted. Then I would take the lead off the dog and using an enclosed area somewhere, I would chase the dog to his owner. This eventually worked but it took a long time, usually four or five weeks, and even then I was never truly certain that it would work 100 percent of the time. But I was certain of keeping my weight down because I burned a lot of calories chasing dogs.

Even though chasing... see more

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