Snug as a Bug

Snug as a Bug

Illustrated by: Judi Abbot
One bug rolled up in a rug
Two bats in thick woolly hats
Three pigs in purple wigs
Is George going to be as toasty and warm as a goat in a coat or as freezy as a fox with holes in his socks?
Find out in this cosy, cuddly counting book filled with snug and shivery creatures!
  • Simon & Schuster UK | 
  • 32 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780857078933 | 
  • January 2013

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About the Author

Tamsyn Murray
Tamsyn Murray

Tamsyn Murray

Tamsyn Murray spent her childhood moving around a lot, from Truro in Cornwall to a village called Norham in Northumberland (which is probably as far from Cornwall as it’s possible to get and still be in England) and then on to the Lake District. At eighteen she left home to go to university in London and has been a Londoner ever since. When she’s not working or writing, she can be found singing and dancing with her local amateur dramatics society. She is currently thirty-six and a half years old and married to the loveliest man in the world. She has one daughter.