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The Social Lives of Dogs

In this sequel to her illuminating bestseller The Hidden Life of Dogs, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas profiles the canines in her own household to show how dogs have comfortably adapted to life with their human owners -- and with each other. A classically trained anthropologist, she answers questions we all have about our pets' behavior. Do dogs have different barks that mean different things? What makes a dog difficult to house-train? Why do certain dogs and cats get along so well? How does Snoopy recognize people he sees only once a year, while Misty barks at strangers she sees every day?
The Social Lives of Dogs presents marvelous evidence of the power of the group -- and shows us that those who are fortunate enough to be given the trust of an honorable dog will also have their lives enriched.
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743422369 | 
  • June 2001
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Chapter One

Our group of mixed species began soon after my husband and I moved to New Hampshire from Virginia. Three dogs came with us, all very old, the only dogs who remained alive from a once much larger pack that, unlike most groups to which dogs belong, contained no nondog members. In the order by which these dogs would have presented themselves, Dog One was Suessi, a powerful white and gray husky, the only male. Dog Two was a sensitive, heavyset female who looked something like a beagle. She had belonged to our daughter, and was named Fatima for a much-loved teacher. Dog Three was Inookshook, Fatima's half-sister, a mild-mannered,... see more

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