Sorrow, The Sacrifice, And The Triumph

Sorrow, The Sacrifice, And The Triumph

The Apparitions, Visions, And Prophecies Of Christina Gallagher

A Modern Mystic Speaks
Christina Gallagher, a humble County Mayo housewife, is a prophetic figure for one times. She speaks about the warnings she has received from the Virgin Mary and of the divine wrath to come. She exhorts all to repent, to pray, to do penance, and to trust profoundly in God's mercy.
Apparitions and visions are a part of the history of the Catholic Church, Marian apparitions were reported as early as the first century, and there have been sightings at Fatima, Portugal: Lourdes, France, and Mediugoric, Yugoslavia, which have transformed these locations into centers for religions pilgrimages. While more than 300 apparitions have been reported from around the world in this century. Christina Gallagher's experience has been singular. Beginning with her first vision of Jesus Christ in 1985 and of the Virgin Mary in 1988, Christina has received messages from Marry, Jasus, and various saints. Christina has been marked by the stigmata -- the wounds of Christ -- and has suffered greatly as a messenger of God. This book is the account of the revelation that God wishes to give the world through Christina Gallagher.
Christina's fascinating experiences have included vivid visions of Heaven and Hell; encounters with angels, the Devil, and demons; and warnings about war and mass destruction and the coming of the Antichrist. The Sorrow, the Sacrifice, and the Triumph is, above all, an eloquent plea for the renewal of faith and the attainment of peace.
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From Genesis to the Triumph

I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed. She shall crush thy head and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.

Gen. 3:15

It's always a surprise where the Virgin Mary appears. Whether it be distant mountaintops or hidden grottos, the first question people wonder aloud is always "Why here?" For Christina Gallagher and the people of County Mayo, it was no different those first winter days of 1988.

County Mayo is in the beautiful windswept countryside in the western part of Ireland known for the Atlantic rains that storm inland across... see more

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