Space: 1999 - Aftershock and Awe

Space: 1999 - Aftershock and Awe

Illustrated by: Gray Morrow and Various
The sci-fi classic series returns! September 13th: 1999 — An atomic accident causes the moon to be blown out of orbit and hurled into the unknown, the survivors of the lunar base stationed there launched towards their destiny across the stars. But what of the cataclysm and wanton destruction caused to the Earth in its wake? Based on the classic science fiction television series Space: 1999, and set in the continuity of the original series, Aftershock and Awe steals a glimpse at an alternate history of mankind, and jump-starts humanity's eventual destiny far out in space.
  • Archaia | 
  • 160 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781936393886 | 
  • December 2012

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