The Spaceships of the Visitors

The Spaceships of the Visitors

An Illustrated Guide to Alien Spacecraft

The first comprehensive field guide to alien spacecraft, complete with illustrations of more than one hundred spaceships

In the last decade, the number of reports of alien spacecraft sightings has skyrocketed. However, the phenomenon of alien encounters is not new. Here, for the first time, two UFO experts, Kevin Randle and Russ Estes, cover the history of UFO sightings, from the ancient to the modern, using research from many different sources, including the Air Force and private UFO groups. Each of the more than one hundred entries is based on actual eyewitness accounts and includes:

  • A detailed drawing of each spaceship based on photographs or drawings made by the people who saw it with their own eyes

  • A concise summary of the facts: where the sighting took place, names of the witnesses, craft type, and such specifics as each craft's dimensions, color, sound, and exhaust mechanism

  • A unique reliability rating, on a scale from 0 to 10

  • A gripping you-were-there narration of the encounter, along with meticulous documentation of source material

Spaceships of the Visitors is a fascinating and essential reference for anyone curious about alien visitation.
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  • 352 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439145449 | 
  • January 2011
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For thousands of years people have been looking into the sky and seeing things they simply did not understand. They labeled them as best they could, calling them flaming swords, fiery chariots, twirling shields, and, eventually, flying saucers. They offered descriptions of these bizarre objects that seem, even today, to defy explanation. These early accounts suggest something that is beyond the commonplace and the mundane, something that is extraordinary, a phenomenon that began appearing before there was a written language to record observations of it.

In today's world, there have been hundreds of thousands, if not... see more

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