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Speak from the Heart

Speak from the Heart

Be Yourself and Get Results

In Speak from the Heart, Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, newspaper columnist, and motivational speaker Steve Adubato reveals the secrets to being a great communicator -- with a program that will dramatically change the way you talk, listen, and connect with others.

Steve Adubato's life experiences, both professional and as a husband, son, brother, and father, have taught him invaluable lessons about the power of personal, sincere communication. In Speak from the Heart, he demonstrates that being a truly great communicator is not simply about being articulate or being a "good talker." It is not about fancy visuals and PowerPoint presentations, or hard-core sales pitches, or even who has the most facts, figures, and technical wizardry. What really counts is making an authentic connection with other people that comes not merely from the intellect but from the heart.

If you want to make a lasting impact, Dr. Adubato shows you how to engage people through empathy and understanding, how to be a great listener, and how to make an audience -- whether one, one hundred, or one thousand people -- care about you and your message. He helps you to rely less on written speeches, teleprompters, and index cards full of too much forgettable information, and learn, instead, how to tell a compelling story and create excitement and enthusiasm. You will learn, for example, how to:

  • Lecture less and engage more
  • Communicate under pressure
  • Make effective use of eye contact
  • Develop a conversational style
  • Inspire in a human, personal way
  • Become comfortable with your core message

Speak from the Heart will not only make it easier for you to communicate your message without being ignored or misunderstood; it will also improve your relationships with other people and help you to become more productive at work -- with more satisfaction and less stress.

Written by a man who has trained thousands of professionals in all walks of life, including corporate managers, lawyers, educators, health professionals, salespeople, and customer service reps, Speak from the Heart is for anyone who interacts with others at work, at home, in the community, or at social functions.
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  • Free Press | 
  • 304 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416584483 | 
  • October 2007
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Chapter 1: The Personal Touch

Would you rather listen to someone with a monotone voice who awkwardly reads from a written speech or to someone who communicates with passion, conviction, and feeling? The answer seems so obvious it's hardly worth mentioning, never mind writing a book about, but if you've recently attended a conference, convention, awards dinner, graduation, business or political meeting, or even a wedding, you know that, unfortunately, it is rare to come across someone who knows how to put aside the written speech and simply have a conversation that comes from the heart. No doubt you've heard presenters drone on as they read... see more

On September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush faced the most difficult task of his presidency. As a public figure not known to be a compelling or charismatic speaker, he had to talk directly to the American people about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon -- acts that were beyond words, beyond description, and beyond comprehension. What could he say to address our fears and bolster our spirits? After much soul searching, he chose to leave unspoken the political jargon and the facts and figures of central intelligence. Instead, he offered America a glimpse of his own feelings and emotions -- his... see more

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