Squeamish About Sushi

Food Adventures in Japan

Squeamish About Sushi

What's uni and how do you eat it? What are "dancing shrimp" or tako yaki? Do you pick it up with your fingers? Dip it in sauce? And just what is that sauce? Dining in Japan can be intimidating, but with Squeamish About Sushi you are bound to have endless eating adventures while in Japan!

From world famous sushi to fatally attractive fugu, it's all explained and pictured in this sketchbook of beautiful full–color illustrations and hand–lettered text, as author and artist Betty Reynolds shares her delight in the wonderful world of Japanese food.

For the first–time visitor or gourmet alike, Squeamish About Sushi is and entertaining guide to the pleasures and pitfalls of dining in Japan, with clues and hints not found in the usual guides to eating out.

Whether it's the technique for holding chopsticks or the etiquette of slurping soup, Squeamish About Sushi assures the bewildered, and includes mini–lessons on how to read the curtain at the entrance, the menu on the wall, and even the signs on the restroom doors.

Just as Japanese food is as pleasing to see as it is to eat, so Squeamish About Sushi is not just a guide but a visual feast as well.
  • Tuttle Publishing | 
  • 72 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780804838351 | 
  • September 2006

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