Starting and Running Your Own Martial Arts School

Starting and Running Your Own Martial Arts School

Do you dream of opening your own martial arts dojo some day? Are you in the process of planning and building a school? Do you have a school but struggle to run it efficiently and pay the bills? Then Starting and Running Your Own Martial Arts School is for you. This practical guide teaches you the skills you need to ensure the success of your martial arts school. It includes advice on how to:
  • Build a memorable identity for your school
  • Find funding to get started
  • Unravel government red tape
  • Create a realistic fee schedule
  • Choose a location that will bring students through your door
  • Turn potential students into paying students
  • Hold on to your current students
  • Hire and develop good employees
  • Develop a feeling of financial security
  • Be ready for emergencies
  • Create and run a profitable pro shop
  • Pinpoint and solve problems
Starting and Running Your Own Martial Arts School contains proven business advice to help you create the martial arts school you want. It turns time-tested business practices into simple, practical solutions to the business challenges you face every day.
  • Tuttle Publishing | 
  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780804834285 | 
  • November 2002

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