The Step Between

The Step Between

No matter how hard she tries to live the quiet life, trouble has a way of grabbing Carole Ann Gibson by the throat -- and this time all her famous intuition and raw courage might not be enough to save her.
In the heartbreaking aftermath of her husband's death, Carole Ann, widely known as "the best damn trial lawyer in D.C.," left her criminal-law practice for what she hoped was a safer, saner life as a partner in her friend Jake's security firm. But when the richest man in Washington, D.C., hires her to find his daughter, she is caught up in a tangle of family relationships in which the stakes are not only money but life itself. Add to that a routine surveillance job that turns up three corpses and the kidnapping of her partner's beloved wife, Grace, and Carole Anne is -- once again -- in over her head in the kind of trouble that launches an all-out attack on her survival skills.
Showcasing her rare talent for mixing the subtlety and complexity of personal relationships with the excitement and suspense of a rapid-fire plot, Penny Mickelbury's third Carole Ann Gibson novel brings something altogether unique and refreshing to the mystery genre. Filled with an unforgettable cast of emotionally authentic characters as ethnically diverse as Washington, D.C., itself; pulse-pounding action; truly surprising twists of plot; and a delightfully clever ending, The Step Between is Mickelbury at her best.
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  • Simon & Schuster | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743246361 | 
  • August 2002
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Chapter One
Running the red light was easy, as effortless as jamming her foot down on the accelerator and engaging all eight of the engine's cylinders, a rare and delightful departure from the routine of bumper-to-bumper city traffic. The turbo Saab made the transition as easily as Carole Ann made the split-second decision to risk the bold dash across Georgia Avenue at the intersection where Military Road changes into Missouri Avenue, despite the fact that traffic was dense in both directions. It was the third light she'd run since leaving the dojo in Bethesda, but that's not what made the illegal scurry easy. The ease was brought about by the... see more

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