Stitched Volume 1 Hardcover DVD Edition

Stitched Volume 1 Hardcover DVD Edition

(Book #1 of Stitched)
Illustrated by: Mike Wolfer
American and British soldiers find themselves in Taliban-controlled mountains, hunted by the murderous undead! Think The Walking Dead meets Black Hawk Down! Packaged with a live action Stitched film directed by graphic novelist Garth Ennis!

Three American soldiers, the survivors of a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, struggle across the Taliban-controlled mountains. Injured and lacking food, water, and medicine, they discover something far worse than enemy fighters among the sun-bleached rocks: an ancient supernatural power, murderous and unstoppable. Despite a timely rescue demise by a handful of British S.A.S. commandos, they’re still hopelessly outnumbered by the shambling, ragged undead and the evil human intelligence that controls them. Critically acclaimed graphic novelist Garth Ennis and horror master Mike Wolfer rip the horrors of war right from today’s headlines and thrust it beyond the boundaries of sanity. Packaged with a Stitched DVD which includes the short film written and directed by Garth Ennis, an hour-long career retrospective interview with the graphic novelist, a behind-the-scenes “Making Of” documentary, and additional bonus features.
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  • Avatar Press | 
  • 176 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781592911974 | 
  • December 2012
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