Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

Illustrated by: Jack E. Davis
For Ages: 4 - 8
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Lots of kids have a sweet tooth. But not like Stewart's. His very loud sweet tooth wants what it wants, when it wants it...and lets everyone know about it.
Stewart's sweet tooth screams for cake at weddings, for candy during class, and torments him at the movies. Stewart has had enough, and he's bringing out the big guns -- a carrot.
Can he stand up to the most annoying sweet tooth in history?
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  • Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers | 
  • 40 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780689851599 | 
  • September 2004 | 
  • Grades P - 3
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About the Author

Margie Palatini
Photograph © Margie Palatini

Margie Palatini

Margie Palatini is the author of many celebrated children's books, including Lousy Rotten Stinkin' Grapes, The Three Silly Billies and Earthquack!, all illustrated by Barry Moser, as well as Sweet Tooth and Bedhead, both illustrated by Jack E. Davis. She lives with her family in New Jersey. Visit Margie at margiepalatini.com.


Author Revealed

Margie Palatini
Q. how did you come to write Sweet Tooth?

A. Well, I wanted to write a sweet little book with a sweet little character and before I knew it, this other ..."YEAH YEAH. BLAH BLAH BLAH. YAK YAK YAK. NOTHIN'. SHE'S GOT NOTHIN'. ZIP. HEY -- CAN ANYBODY GET ME A COOKIE, A RING-DING OR SOMETHING?" ... but, what came out was --- well, ... "The Tooth". (I'll fill in the blanks on the other books when you-know-who isn't around.) "WHERE AM I GOING? I'M GOING SOMEWHERE? IN YOUR SWEET DREAMS, LADY." ...sigh

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