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Take a Closer Look for Women

Take a Closer Look for Women

Uncommon & Unexpected Insights to Inspire Every Area of Your Life

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Take a closer look at the Bible you thought you knew

Have you noticed that the more you look at something, the less you see it? The same thing can happen with Scripture. You've seen a story or a passage so many times that you overlook its significance: "Our Father, who art in heaven..." "The Lord is my shepherd..." "For God so love the world..." You may know these passages, you may love them, but maybe you've stopped expecting much from them. Take a Closer Look for Women leads you to pause along the familiar (and less well-known) paths of the Bible and say, "I've never noticed this! I've never thought of it this way before!" When you take a closer look at Scripture, you see how rich and deep and multifaceted it is. And you will be inspired - mind, heart, and soul - to apply the beauty of these truths to every area of your life.
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  • Howard Books | 
  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416542155 | 
  • July 2007
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