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Talking Dirty Laundry With The Queen Of Clean


Once upon a time, in a world fraught with shrinking jeans, dry-cleaning debacles, and endangered delicates, laundry was a dreaded chore. Then one happy day, the Queen of Clean® put an end to the vicious washand-dry cycle -- with her all-new collection of ingenious tips and natural solutions for stress-free washing, ironing, sorting, and stain-busting!
Let the Queen show you how to:
  • sort laundry like a pro
  • remove spots, stains, scorch marks, and odors
  • soften hard water-and save clothes from a dull, gray fate
  • make your own fabric softener sheets in a snap
  • say good-bye to pink socks, with a foolproof colorfastness test
  • line-dry clothes without hanger lumps or clothespin marks
  • decipher those fabric care symbols on clothing tags
  • get the scoop on home dry-cleaning kits
  • discover the secrets to lint-free drying-and quick fixes for when tissues, crayons, and other foreign bodies take a spin in the dryer

The Queen provides a complete stain removal guide -- and ransacks your cupboard for amazing, inexpensive spot removers including
lemon juice • meat tenderizer • WD-40 • lubricant • salt • shaving cream...and more!
Whether you turn around family-sized wash loads seven days a week, air your dirty laundry at the local laundromat, or are among the seriously "laundry challenged," consult the Queen for no-nonsense advice -- and fabulous results!
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743418324 | 
  • January 2001
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Chapter One: Care and Control of the Washing Machine

How difficult can it be? You add water and detergent, drop in the clothes, select the cycle and walk away. When you come back the clothes are clean. Okay...but have you ever considered how clean your washing machine is after all that hard water and all those dirty clothes?

Your washer needs some TLC from time to time, especially if you have hard water in your area. So if the clothes seem dull and gray, maybe you don't need that new and improved detergent. Maybe all you need to do is clean the washing machine. Here's the easiest way I know.

Fill the washer with hot... see more

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