Tempt Me If You Can

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When confirmed bachelor Benjamin Sinclair receives an anonymous letter claiming he has a teenage son, he’s in shock. He tries to track down his first love, but found that she’d disappeared completely, leaving their son Michael with her sister Emma. When Ben finds that once-shy Emma Sands has blossomed into the strong, beautiful owner of a small chain of sporting camps, he signs up as a guest, hoping that in sixteen years he’s changed enough that she won’t recognize him, and he can get to know his son without complication. But Emma would recognize Ben Sinclair anywhere, anytime—and so does Michael. While Michael can’t wait to get to know his father, Emma is more cautious, fully aware that the kind of man who would abandon his pregnant girlfriend and his son is one she didn’t want around. Realizing that he’s falling in love with not only his newly discovered son, but also Emma, Ben becomes determined to find a way to make her love him back.
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  • Pocket Star | 
  • 368 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416595441 | 
  • February 2010
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Chapter One

Just as surely as it would snow this winter, Tom Jenkins would be trouble. Most of her guests from big cities were trouble, but usually they had the decency to actually arrive before they sent her business into chaos. Tom Jenkins hadn’t even made it to Medicine Creek Camps, and already he was causing her fits.

The man was lost.

Emma was sorely tempted to leave him that way.

But here she was, walking down yet another one of the tote roads that spiderwebbed through her neck of the woods, trying to remember why she loved this business so much. Emma sighed, resigned... see more

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