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Tenebrea Rising

Tenebrea Rising

(Book #3 of Tenebrea Trilogy)
On the planet Klamdara, several members of the elite fighting force of the Alliance known as the Tenebrea -- including their leader, Hal K'Rin -- are imprisoned, dying, and hoping for rescue. On the planet Cor, that hope resides in Andrea Flores, one of the Tenebrea's best operatives, and her ragtag group of wilderness clones. But Andrea has never lost sight of her true reason for joining the Tenebrea: to take revenge upon the murderers of her husband and daughter.
However, the rescue of K'Rin leads Andrea to an awful truth that he is hiding about Andrea's past, one that will throw her quest for revenge into chaos!
Andrea Flores's long, difficult road to avenge the deaths of her loved ones comes to a head in the shocking conclusion to the Tenebrea trilogy!
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 496 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781476730783 | 
  • November 2012
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Chapter One

Hal K'Rin -- headman of the Rin Clan, leader of the Tenebrea -- stepped from his dusty concrete shed into the prison yard. His bones and joints ached, having absorbed the cold from the concrete floor where he'd slept. He squinted at the Klamdara sun that would soon heat this desolate repository of traitors. The yellow orb peered over the stone walls, casting long shadows. K'Rin shielded his sore eyes, pressing his thick hand to his forehead.

At the base of the wall, Feld Jo'Orom's ossified body lay on a pallet, his eye sockets staring up, the once bright rings beneath his eyes turned slate gray. A thin shroud of red dust... see more

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