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Tenebrea's Hope

Tenebrea's Hope

(Book #2 of Tenebrea Trilogy)
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Andrea Flores has become one of the most valued agents of the Tenebrea, the elite fighting force of the star-spanning Alliance. Following the destruction of the Clone Welfare Institute run by the Cor Ordinate, Andrea is sent on a vital mission alongside her comrades, H'Roo Parh, a Jod; Tara Gullwing, a clone -- and Tara's lover, Eric, the clone of Andrea's dead husband.
But Andrea has not forgotten her true reason for joining the Tenebrea: to take revenge on those responsible for the death of her husband and children -- Cor terrorists who mistook her husband for Eric. Now alongside a constant reminder of what she has lost, Andrea faces her greatest challenge yet...
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  • 400 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781476730721 | 
  • November 2012
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Chapter 1

The artificial time, synthetic food, enforced idleness, and incessant hum of space travel plagued her sleep. Andrea slept fitfully in her berth aboard the armed merchant Benwoi. Her mind grappled with a collage of memories.

The teak decks are damp. Morning dew collects as cool droplets on the railings. The Deeper Well rocks slightly -- more from movement on board than from the glassy water. Steve comes up from the cabin with a steaming cup of aromatic coffee. He kisses me. The stubble of his beard rubs my cheek, a touch more stimulating than caffeine. He seems distant -- preoccupied -- as he walks to the... see more

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