Test Your Cultural Literacy IQ

Test Your Cultural Literacy IQ

Updated & Revised

There are born geniuses. Then there are the rest of us -- and even the most-schooled among us may have gaps in our cultural literacy, our general knowledge of culture, history, and world events. Test Your Cultural Literacy I.Q. brings you up to speed with hundreds of entertaining questions in more than a dozen categories, including:
American & World History • Geography • Science • Art & Architecture • Music • Literature • Myth & Religion • Quotes • Current Events
Packed with multiple-choice questions (and their answers, of course), this stimulating volume can help you develop your own cultural literacy -- or challenge other trivia buffs in a fun and educational meeting of the minds!
Test Your Cultural Literacy I.Q.
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  • 448 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743475785 | 
  • July 2003
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Test-Prep Your Cultural Literacy IQ has been written by test-prep experts with two goals in mind:

The first, and the most important, goal of this book is to help you score high on standardized tests. Our proven test-taking strategies will not only help you feel more confident about taking standardized tests but will also improve your performance. This book includes fourteen practice tests so you can practice with your new test-taking strategies. After all, practice makes perfect!

The second goal of this book is to have some fun! Really! And hey, after taking the tests in this book and reading the answers,... see more

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