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The Customer Marketing Method

The Customer Marketing Method

How to Implement and Profit from Customer Relationship Management

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Today the hottest new area of marketing is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) -- the discipline of identifying, attracting, and retaining a company¹s most valuable customers. Drawing upon more than ten years of testing, tryout, and implementation in hundreds of companies, CRM expert Jay Curry, and his Internet-expert son, Adam Curry, have written a clear, step-by-step guide to profiting from this exploding movement, with strategies that are aimed at the small and medium-sized business owners who need them most.
Jay Curry explains how CRM can help managers boost profits by implementing a customer-focused strategy. Using easy-to-understand graphics, he introduces the customer pyramid -- segmented as "Top," "Big," "Medium," and "Small" -- to help the reader visualize, analyze, and improve customer profitability. Success comes to those who follow this three-step Customer Marketing Strategy: (1) get new customers into your pyramid; (2) move customers higher into your pyramid; (3) keep the customers in the pyramid. Combining practical how-to directives with vital CRM reference information, the book includes a case study, "InterTech," that allows readers to see customer-focused strategy in action.
The final third of this practical, easy-to-read book is devoted to the Internet. Here Adam Curry introduces the "Permission Pyramid" and the "e-Customer Marketing Pyramid" to explain the nature of "virtual customer relationships" and how to use them to create, keep, and upgrade customers. This section includes mini-cases and tips to help managers use the Internet to complement current marketing and sales activities and ends with guidelines to test out the new paradigms of e-commerce.
Throughout The Customer Marketing Method, the emphasis is always on practical steps to "make it happen." It is essential and timely reading for owners of small and medium-sized businesses as well as managers of small business units within larger firms.
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  • Free Press | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743203579 | 
  • January 2002
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Reading Group Guide

Reading Group Guide

Discussion Questions to Accompany The Customer Marketing Method

1. How can we boost your revenues 10% and up to 100% -- without increasing marketing and sales budgets?
2. How can we measure, manage and improve:

* customer profitability and ROI on marketing and sales.
* customer purchasing behavior and loyalty.
* Customer satisfaction and willingness to buy even more from you.

3. How can we measure, manage and improve the customer orientation of:

* managers and staff across the board.
* customer information systems.
* communications with our customer.
4. How can we stimulate closer co-operation and synergy among the marketing, sales and service departments?
5. How can we use the Internet to get new customers, improve relationships with your current customers; and defend your self against web-based competitors?
6. How can we increase the chances of success in implementing Customer Relationship Management? see more

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