The Eagles Talon / Iron Corpses

The Eagles Talon / Iron Corpses

Two audio dramas from the multi-million selling Horus Heresy series.

After the destruction of Tallarn's once rich planetary ecology, it played host to the greatest armoured conflict that the Imperium had ever seen. The bitter and vengeful Iron Warriors now lead great warhosts across the befouled plains, engaging the loyal defenders of this world wherever they encounter them, and without further reinforcement the last outposts must surely soon fall. In desperation and with nothing left to lose, both sides resort to seemingly unthinkable measures in order to gain the upper hand - but will such actions bring about anything even remotely resembling victory?
  • Games Workshop | 
  • 2 disks | 
  • ISBN 9781849708678 | 
  • May 2015
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