The End of Stress

Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain

The End of Stress

We all know that stress is serious. If ignored too long, it becomes life-threateningly serious. Yet 83 percent of Americans are doing nothing about it. Don’t be one of them. There’s now a solution to stress that literally rewires your brain for a life of doing well, and being well, on your way to flourishing.

The term for this biological change is neuroplasticity. It’s generated through a specific shift in mindset that rewires your brain to extinguish stress reactions and amplify higher order brain functions. The result is the creative intelligence to solve problems and succeed at your goals, along with the emotional and social intelligence that instills more joy in your work, more peace in your day, more harmony in your relationships, and more spring in your step.

The End of Stress provides a proven, step by step approach to achieving this change in you. The book’s unique design creates a workshop-inside-a-book. Follow its simple program, and in four weeks you will generate the positive changes in brain function that will elevate your life.
  • Atria Books/Beyond Words | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781582704913 | 
  • September 2014
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About the Author

Don Joseph Goewey
Photography by Narbe Vagharshakian

Don Joseph Goewey

Don Joseph Goewey managed the department of psychiatry at Stanford Medical School, ran a regional emergency medical services system, and for twelve years headed an internationally recognized institute that pioneered an approach to catastrophic life events. He has worked with some of the most stressful situations on earth—with people facing terminal illness, parents struggling with the loss of a child, prisoners adjusting to a life sentence, and refugees of the genocidal war in Bosnia struggling with extreme post-traumatic stress. He spent six years directing a think tank aimed at integrating breakthroughs in neuroscience and psychology. From this work, he innovated a model for changing brain structure to extinguish stress reactions and amplify the higher brain function that enables a human being to flourish. The success of the model in helping people end stress in high-pressure workplaces like Cisco Systems and Wells Fargo has been unprecedented.