The Infernal Game: Ghost Dance

The Infernal Game: Ghost Dance

The second book in new series, blending espionage and horror fiction.

Morgan is sent on a new mission for the Hermetic Divi­sion, investigating the murder of the world’s foremost expert on Elizabethen alchemist John Dee. Her killer - an agent of Mossad with superhuman powers. In the US, Alex, a powerful medium, is employed by the CIA to invesitage a new cult called the Croatans who seem to be able to possess animals. Alex and Morgan’s path cross when Morgan is drawn to the US in pursuit of Dee’s greatest treasure - and the dangerous young man who plans to use it to achieve immortality!
  • Abaddon | 
  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781907519031 | 
  • July 2010

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