The Little Book of Diet Help

Expert Tips and Tapping Techniques to Stay Slim--for Life

The Little Book of Diet Help

Little Book. Big Help.

Think you know how to lose weight, but can’t seem to shed those extra pounds? The truth is, most diets don’t work—or, at least, they don’t last. When we diet, we’re so consumed by what we can’t eat that we don’t focus on how we eat, and how eating makes us feel.

That’s where The Little Book of Diet Help comes in.

With this book you’ll learn:

• • • How to recognize your bad eating habits and how to create new, improved ones

• • • Why certain foods affect your body and your mood

• • • The power of EFT and how easy techniques like tapping and hypnosis can combat cravings and boost your energy

• • • How to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger

• • • Why finding ways to manage stress will naturally help you eat better—and stay slimmer!

You’ll see that small adjustments to your daily routine can add up to big changes in how you look and feel. You don’t need complicated meal plans, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym, and you definitely don’t need to be miserable. You just need a little help!
  • Atria Books | 
  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451660708 | 
  • December 2011
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¿Crees que sabes cómo bajar de peso pero no puedes deshacerte de esas libras de más? La verdad es que la mayoría de las dietas no funcionan o, por lo menos, no tienen efectos duraderos. Cuando hacemos dieta, estamos tan enfocados sobre lo que no podemos comer que no nos concentramos en cómo comemos y en cómo nos hace sentir lo que comemos.Para eso está el libro Pierde peso sin perder la cabeza donde aprenderás:· Cómo reconocer tus malos...

About the Author

Kimberly Willis
Photograph by Andy Gallacher

Kimberly Willis

Kimberly Willis, PhD, is a weight loss specialist, life coach, and hypnotherapist. She holds a PhD in Chemistry and lives with her family in Sheffield, England.