The Pandora Key

The Pandora Key

She left the corporate world of airlines, lured by the dark arts of private investigation. Now Alex Shanahan is stirring up a cold case with global implications.

Years after she dumped him for a younger man, the scheming ex-wife of Alex's partner, Harvey Baltimore, returns for an unexpected visit. While Alex tries to figure out why Rachel is back, another mystery begins to unfold halfway around the world. Four years after a bloody, high-profile airline hijacking, personal effects belonging to the victims are found in a terrorist safe house. The discovery of this chilling time capsule triggers a chain reaction that leads straight back to Rachel. By the time Alex has untangled Rachel's lies, she will be on the run from the Russian Mafia, caught in the web of a global vigilante group, and forced to take a reluctant trip into her partner's past -- where she will find the key to solving the mystery, but also learn painful lessons about holding on, letting go, and why some keys should never be used.
  • Gallery Books | 
  • 384 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451641677 | 
  • October 2011

About the Author

Lynne Heitman

Lynne Heitman is the author of the Alex Shanahan novels First Class Killing (available from Pocket Books); Tarmac, named by Publishers Weekly as one of the most notable thrillers of 2002; and Hard Landing. She grew up in Dallas, where she spent one year as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Southern Methodist University. She was a financial analyst for American Airlines and general manager of operations at Logan Airport. She currently lives in Boston, where she is a full-time novelist.

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