The Peter Benchley Collection

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The Peter Benchley Collection

The Peter Benchley Collection


Three exciting novels of danger and adventure


Peter Benchley took the reading world by storm with the publication of Jaws, the first of his megathrillers that not only kept readers on the edge of their seats (and away from the water), but also were regularly turned into blockbuster movies. Here are three of his most memorable.


Jaws A great white shark terrorizes a Long Island beach community. One of the scariest, most thrilling novels ever written.


Beast Benchley returns to the rollercoaster excitement of his first novel, only this time the villain is a giant squid threatening the island of Bermuda.


The Girl of the Sea of Cortez Benchley’s most well-reviewed book. A fable about man's complicated relationship with the sea, highlighting the author’s dedication to protecting the marine environment—while still telling a corker of a story.
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  • October 2012